Public trust could fade more

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: Sadly the Rowley Government does not seem interested in building the public trust.

WASA and TSTT are in shambles. Parts of the banking industry are inching to totalitarianism and outlawry. The Government uses a two-seat majority to pretend it can make changes to the Constitution.

More generally the Government is claiming a liberalisation of the economy when in fact it is creating special-interest networks sectionalised in preferential relationships.

A certain minority intelligentsia who had the benefit over some decades of gaining all the technical information and experience belonging to the public is being given proprietary controls and assignments with exclusive retention of the knowledge, the outflows and the new gains.

That is on top of the Government's surrender to three or four external non-TT conglomerates, of TT's energy production capacities and resources.

Imagine, the Government still speaks the vocabulary of "bid round." The question of the switch in the contract term with Construtora OAS was not handled comprehensively in crucial moments, and curiously the AG at the time was not assigned to the case.

There is a handful of ministers who understand how to help fill the empty media slots with catchy soap-opera-like intrigues, on cue, that their PM relishes, the latest being the attempt to revive chip-on-your-shoulder politics: "Our ancestors were slaves and now it makes us bigger than everybody whenever we say it's personal."

Should things remain as they are going, hope of this Government retrieving the public trust could only fade even more.


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"Public trust could fade more"

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