Stop the name-calling

PNM MP Camille Robinson-Regis.
PNM MP Camille Robinson-Regis.

THE EDITOR: The recent name-calling fiasco between Camille Robinson-Regis and Kamla Persad-Bissessar must stop immediately and all interested parties on both sides must also stop this foolishness.

Name-calling to prove that one is superior or to belittle the other only leads to divisiveness in society, which we all can do without. This is a backward step for humanity.

We cannot afford to put out someone else’s candle in order for ours to shine. This type of behaviour is the reason why our society can’t move forward, because we are stuck in the morass of hatred for each other, whether it is for colour, finance, class, or in this case, a name.

At a time when our country needs the best minds to solve our many problems, it was really painful to see name-calling on the front burner. Please get on with the business of running the country in the interest of all.

Your job as leaders must be to show leadership by bringing out the best in our humanity and not this shameful backward step of polarisation.

More than that, these people are leaders of note and the young ones are watching and learning how to hate and throw punches which really hurt.

Come on, Madam Camille and Madam Kamla. Both of you are way better than this and I am sure you can set a better example for the citizens of our country.


St Augustine


"Stop the name-calling"

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