Stop mocking our names and traditions

Housing Minister and Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis.
Housing Minister and Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis.

THE EDITOR: Ever since East Indians arrived in 1845, they have been ridiculed and humiliated to their faces and in calypsoes by some Afro-Trinis who lost all of the values, traditions and culture, including names and language, of their great African heritage.

East Indians who were proud of their tradition and culture, were found by some in the Afro-Trini population to be uncivilised and backward simply because they were different.

It is unfortunate that to this day, some Afro-Trinis who ought to know better, still mock and laugh at Indian names, Hindi words, Indian food and the Hindu religion.

When will this attitude against the Indian community stop?

I remember when they mocked our delicious roti and dhal and bhaji. They laughed at us in school when we ate roti and curry for lunch.

Why was minister Robinson-Regis calling out Kamla's name in detail? "Soo-shee-lah," she cried out from the plaform. Was this to mock and embarrass Kamla?

That was in very poor taste and showed a basic lack of decency and respect for another, especially a Hindu woman, whose name was specially chosen by a pundit after checking his books at the time of her birth.

I trust that Mrs Robinson-Regis and others like her would stop making statements and behaving in a way calculated to mock the name, religion or way of life of Indo-Trinis.




"Stop mocking our names and traditions"

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