Is it the Trinidad and Tobago police service or Rowley's?

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THE EDITOR: Once again the Prime Minister is directing the TTPS. Maybe it's time the acting CoP establish a separate unit dedicated to Keith Rowley and house it somewhere in Balisier House.

Only a few weeks ago, he directed the police commissioner to investigate the 1997 Sabga Report. One aspect of the investigation should be why current holders of the report did not send it to the TTPS.

Now the PM is once again demanding the police investigate whomsoever supposedly changed the OAS contract which, according to him, allows that company to recover $850 million from the Government.

One gets the impression Dr Rowley feels he owns the Police Service and they are subject to his authority.

Our police have a lot of work to do. They are so hamstrung that they are seeking the Opposition Leader's help to locate a key figure in the transfer of a high-end vehicle owned by a government minister.

Then there is a secret report done on another government minister regarding land in Couva which has been on the commissioner's desk since 2019, and he hasn't reached it in 2022. And now poor Mr Jacob has to go back 25 years in time to investigate reports of child abuse.

Crime has overtaken this country. Take a look outside and you will see dangling wires left by copper thieves. Add in robberies of every kind, rapes and murders. They are even stealing and vandalising lights at the Curepe interchange.

I recall the PM directing the TTPS to investigate DSS and now many have lost their money. In that case, he had no faith in local police and called on Barbados for help. He didn't trust the police to investigate DSS then, but when it comes to investigating matters he thinks the Opposition is involved in, he is comfortable with the TTPS. Surprised? Not really.

The TTPS investigated the Opposition Leader for a plant-like substance, for E-mailgate, they couldn't find anything in EMBD, so now try with OAS.

This is the height of interference in a service that, constitutionally, is supposed to be independent. Very soon, this service may make its way into one of the many international reports which reflect badly on our country.


St James


"Is it the Trinidad and Tobago police service or Rowley’s?"

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