Trinidad and Tobago's PM must emulate Mia Mottley

Barbados PM Mia Mottley -
Barbados PM Mia Mottley -

THE EDITOR: As shadow minister for Foreign and Caricom affairs, and on behalf of the United National Congress, permit me to take this opportunity to congratulate Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley for being chosen as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2022.

We in the UNC have long recognised and acknowledged the great strides madam Mottley has taken as a leader, and the accomplishments and benefits she has brought to Barbados since assuming office.

She is an example for all of our fellow Caricom neighbours, and to our very own Prime Minister.

In fact, Dr Rowley should take a note from PM Mottley's book and try to follow in her footsteps and highlight Trinidad and Tobago on the international stage in similar ways to her highlighting Barbados.

We note that he has finally taken the Opposition’s advice and sought to start the process of healing, mending and rebuilding relations with Guyana which has already reaped benefits out of a belated but necessary visit to that Caricom neighbour.

We hope that Dr Rowley will be less combative and more tempered in his utterances and actions in the global arena for the sake of TT’s image and global standing.

We look forward to the continued benefits and growing relations between TT and Guyana and hope that Dr Rowley has learnt the merits that come from taking the UNC’s advice.


MP for Naparima


"Trinidad and Tobago’s PM must emulate Mia Mottley"

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