Issues with Republic's One Card

THE EDITOR: Please permit me space to express disenchantment with the services of Republic Bank Limited.

Since 2021, Republic Bank has indicated to its customers that its One Card was being replaced by a chip-and-pin card and customers should await the arrival of their new card in the mail.

I waited and waited but this card never arrived.

Subsequent e-mails were forwarded to me, indicating I may continue using the One Card, as several customers complained of having issues with the new card.

Last week, via the media and e-mail, Republic Bank informed its customers that use of the One Card will be discontinued after September 30.

I visited the Arima Branch on three occasions between last week and Monday, between 9.30 and 10 am, only to be informed that:

1. There is only one card custodian operating.

2. The card custodian already has customers to be seen up until her 11 am lunch break and I can try again after lunch or;

3. I can try another branch.

Firstly, the pandemic is not over! Restrictions may have been lifted but it is not over. Secondly, why aren't more customer service representatives/card custodians available for delivery of this service since you, the service provider, created this issue?

Thirdly, why hasn't an appointment system been put in place to avoid people waiting unnecessarily and congregating in the bank?


Via e-mail


"Issues with Republic's One Card"

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