Police rock homes with loud music

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob - JEFF K MAYERS
Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob - JEFF K MAYERS

THE EDITOR: I am disappointment with the acting Commissioner of Police and the head of the Traffic Branch office at Don Miguel Road Extension in San Juan.

On May 14, this arm of the police service hosted a Family Day on its compound. Promptly at noon the blaring and outrageous sound of music started rocking the entire neighbourhood and this went on until 7.45 pm. Many homeowners complained that their doors and windows were vibrating because of the level of the music.

Calls to the branch’s office requesting the music be turned down were obviously futile. There was absolutely no consideration for the elderly, sick and children (special needs included) of the area.

How can an event like this be held in an area where there are residences? Wouldn't it have been better to hold the event in an open space with little or no houses nearby?

I ask the people who authorised this Family Day to be more considerate and mindful to avoid a recurrence in the future.

Come on, TTPS, your role is to protect and serve, not to inconvenience law-abiding citizens in the comfort of their homes.


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"Police rock homes with loud music"

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