West Penn to stage Community Youth Champions League


THE RBC title-sponsored West Penn 2022 football programme returns with an islandwide Community Youth Champions League tournament scheduled to kick off at the Diego Martin Sporting Complex, Diego Martin from June 18.

Thirty-two teams have already been divided into eight zones, with four teams from each zone. These teams will do battle in a round robin zonal playoff with the top two teams of each zone advancing to the round of 16 and then knockout phase.

This tournament caters for Under-20 players, with the inclusion of three Under-23 players.

Additionally, a zonal representative tournament of seven games, comprising the best players from the eight zones, is being planned to close off the season at the Diego Martin Sporting Complex, from August 20 to September 3.

A key criterion for participating is that players and their supporting staff must be community-based and reside within a ten-mile radius of the community they represent.

All preliminary games will take place in the respective community grounds in an effort to promote fan support and helping them to create sustainable fundraising opportunities.

Organisers of this event are still inviting sponsorship partners to buy in to this event.

A statement issued on Thursday said, β€œThe management of West Penn Center for Sport and Culture is currently seeking the support of the key stakeholders in youth, sport, community development, national security, media, business sector, NGOs and other interested parties.”

Zones – West, Port of Spain, Near East, Far East, East Coast, Central, South/Central and South West.


"West Penn to stage Community Youth Champions League"

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