Slow descent into the abyss

Steve Alvarez -
Steve Alvarez -

THE EDITOR: Every day we seem to accept as normal things that we never envisaged. There were the times when we expected educated discussion on solutions to the many problems that confront us. We looked for pragmatic, realistic suggestions regarding our political possibilities. Today we seem to find solace in criticism, old talk and a language that borders on the obscene as the norm.

Our possible leaders are no longer the ones with the best vision for the future or the ones whose lifestyle suggests that of stability, decency, lucidity, education and love for country. Instead, we seem to embrace the ones with the most vulgar diction, the ones whose disregard for order propels them to levels of radicalism that resonates with sectors of our population.

We accept roadways with potholes as the norm, we accept without much protest weeks without water in our communities. We seem to accept as normal the plethora of hanging cables from our utility poles, left there after thieves cut them for resale. We have long grown accustomed to gunmen barging into public places and homes, shooting at will and leaving bodies in pools of blood. We seem to have accepted that no one will be held accountable, and even if someone is arrested we don’t envisage an early settlement in our courts.

No one is alarmed by the fact that simple things like garbage collection, repair to utility supply lines and infrastructure maintenance require the presence of armed guards or police. Our society has accepted the presence of drug blocks in our communities, the bullying by gang leaders, the taxing of ordinary workers and entrepreneurs by unscrupulous characters with guns.

The society seems to have accepted that the only solution to our problems lie with two political parties that failed to act on some of the most basic things. A simple activity like implementing state-produced vehicle licence plates that are difficult to duplicate seems an impossible task.

That one activity can help in identifying what vehicles and by extension the people driving getaway cars from crime scenes. That one activity can identify in what area that vehicle is registered and can drastically assist in crime management. The technology is available now, the legislation can be drafted in a week. Yet there is a reluctance from both sides of the aisle.

The time has come for the nation to look beyond the number of new parties and new leaders that seem to be willing to fill the gap created by the lack of political will to do what is best for the people of TT. Its time to see the red, white and black. To see our poor, our needy, our communities under siege by criminals and lack of resources.

It’s time to unite as one people, one nation, under one flag and seek out our best leaders and best ideas to lead us out of this road to anarchy and disorder.


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"Slow descent into the abyss"

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