We must get to root of the crime problem

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THE EDITOR: If we are going to see a meaningful reduction in crime in TT we need to identify the root causes. What are the contributing factors that push people into a life of crime?

It is all well and good to try and remove illegal guns from off the streets and to put into effect the legal systems to deal with criminals. But that is not getting to the root of the problem. We need to heal the sore of crime, not just put a plaster on it.

One of the things for people choosing a life of crime is the lack of proper parenting. I have heard stories about people who commit crime repeatedly admitting to not knowing what it is to have a mother or a father around. They were left most of their lives to fend for themselves.

There are also those who live in homes where abuse of all types is the order of the day. Some young people grow up in a crime-filled environment from childhood. There is also gross poverty in many homes so to survive they turn to a life of crime.

Going forward as a nation we have to deal with the human element and those who have been damaged by the lack of proper parenting. We must put measures in place to assist in preventing our youth becoming victims of the things that cause them to see society as an enemy.

I cannot overemphasise the need to offer guidance for parents on the difficult task of properly raising children. Many parents are in dire need of help. We must focus afresh on the home structure so that a proper foundation is laid by those in charge – father, mother, guardian, whoever has the responsibility. I know the experts would have other factors contributing to the negative behaviour now haunting us in TT.

To those with the mandate to come up with ideas in dealing with crime, I suggest they look at it from every angle. Most importantly is dealing with the root causes.


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"We must get to root of the crime problem"

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