Evening of sweet sax in D Cruz

Image source: Pixabay.com
Image source: Pixabay.com

THE EDITOR: I was privileged to be at the residence of Carl and Lystra Francis on Mother’s Day, experiencing an enchanting evening of jazz, entitled Jazz in D Cruz, in a secluded nook in the Santa Cruz Valley.

It was an orgasmic feeling of nostalgia just sitting with my spouse and taking in the music of Pedro Lezama and company, which had class written all over it. This was not quantity but quality. Lezama’s saxophonic escapades with blended voices regurgitated the sweetness of the sax. Just sitting there and sipping pink moscato wine made me feel rejuvenated and invigorated to the point that I felt this was just a dream.

A senior citizen batting at 105 not out made the bowling look like an evening in the park. She just sat there undisturbed, enjoying the beauty of being alive with others whose road ahead was distanced from the reality of her conviction – to just live and enjoy what the Creator had placed on the dinner table.

It was like a musical journey from Santa Cruz to Charlotteville and back, not missing a note along the way. The pandemic had brought good things to Carl and Lystra in a package from Santa to Jazz in D Cruz.

Life is a gift of freedom handed to us on a platter. I appeal to my fellow citizens to cherish this gift as if it is their last because you never know.




"Evening of sweet sax in D Cruz"

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