6 ways to create discoverable video

In 2022, learning how to incorporate video into your digital strategy is a must if you want to grow your overall digital presence. The last social media platform that prioritised photos, Instagram, has ditched that modus operandi and has gone in the direction of favouring videos, specifically short-form vertical videos called Reels.

You can still post your pictures on social media platforms, but the algorithms have changed, and they no longer give static content the same organic push they once did.

If you have been thinking about dipping your foot into the world of video, kudos to you. It’s going to force you to get past some of the fears that may have been holding you back (I know that was the case for me) but it is also going to open you up to new audiences and get the push from the algorithms.

Here are six ways you can create videos that will allow your content to reach maximum discoverability:

1. YouTube

2. YouTube Shorts

3. Your website

4. TikTok

5. Google Web Stories

6. Google Business

YouTube: YouTube is a search engine. Learn how to do keyword research and YouTube SEO, get into the habit of creating videos for YouTube. Too many folks don't focus on YouTube because they are so focused on the monetisation side of it. Monetisation comes in many different forms, but the most important aspect of YouTube is to take advantage of the search-engine capabilities.

YouTube Shorts: YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s way of getting into vertical short-form video, to combat things like TikTok, Reels etc.

The major advantage to YouTube Shorts is that it’s a part of YouTube and since YouTube is a search engine –you guessed it: it has the advantage of search-engine optimisation and will appear in searches.

While you are creating all these videos for Reels and TikTok, YouTube Shorts is the most important place to do so, and your viewership will increase over time.

Your website: The beauty of YouTube, again, is that you can treat it like a host for your videos. If you upload your videos to YouTube – and then embed the videos onto your website as a post, then do your on-page SEO, and have a write-up to accompany your video – you will increase your chances of your videos being found, because now a link to your website can appear in the search results, and your videos on YouTube can also show up in the search results.

TikTok: The Chinese company Byte Dance has taken over the social media game. Not only is itsalgorithm the most helpful of any social media platform, giving you the most organic reach, it has also been working with Google to allow it to start indexing TikTok videos so they appear on Google search results.

This is big, because you will have a platform that is giving you aggressive organic reach and the videos will have longevity because they are a part of the Google database.

If you are smart, you will create TikTok videos and then repurpose them on YouTube Shorts and then take the YouTube video and embed that on your website.

Google Web Stories: Google Web stories is one of the most underutilised and most powerful places for a video that I have never seen mentioned once in the entire Caribbean region.

People are still arguing about whether they need a website or not, because they are on social media and those conversations continue to show me that people just don’t know what a website is any more.

Anyhow, Google is pushing hard on Google Web stories, and your stories can include photos, videos, links, sponsored segments, affiliate links. Google has created a whole section called Google Discover where these stories can all show up.

Google Business Profile: Google gives you a dedicated section on the Google search results page and on Google Maps to place all your business information and content. You can upload photos and 30-second videos to Google Business Profile, and this is another amazing way to get your content directly on the number-one search engine in the world. Google Business Profile is free as well and offers a wide range of tools and analytics about your business that can help build your strategies.

Don’t just limit yourself to keeping your video content on social media: start learning how to create a video on platforms that allow your videos to be found over time.

That is how you are going to succeed in building your digital presence in 2022, and generate leads and sales.

To learn more about building your digital presence, visit KeronRose.com or check out the Digipreneur FM podcast on Apple Podcast/Spotify/Google Podcast.


"6 ways to create discoverable video"

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