Don’t attend the summit

Prime Minister Dr Rowley. File photo/Jeff K Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley. File photo/Jeff K Mayers

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Prime Minister.

Congratulations on your statement on the exclusion from the Summit of the Americas of states facing the brunt of American foreign policy.

It is a welcomed announcement following what seems to be the death of our long-established, world-renowned-and-respected neutral and non-aligned stance in other countries’ pursuit of global conflict. One can now almost look more favourably on our abject capitulation to overseas pressure to open our oil and gas lines wider to fuel a ramping up of the Ukraine war into a world war.

In this regard, please don’t let our position on the summit depend on the approval of other Caricom states that you already hint won’t be forthcoming. Refusing to attend will be a strong enough message, to be lauded for its boldness of not hiding behind the apathetic collective.


Diego Martin


"Don’t attend the summit"

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