Minority Leader: Let's tackle root cause of crime

File photo: Kelvon Morris
File photo: Kelvon Morris

It is time for the root cause of crime to be addressed, says THA Minority Leader Kelvon Morris.

Morris was speaking to the media on Tuesday at a press conference hosted by the Minority Council in Scarborough.

He extended condolences to the family of murdered dancehall artiste N'Kosi Bovell. “Every life lost is a valuable life,” he said.

Making note of last Friday’s Tobago Security Council meeting hosted by THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, Morris said the root cause of crime is one area that must be tackled.

“Whereas we see crime within the ambit of policing, I see policing as the end of the crime prevention strategy, and I believe it is time we address the root cause of crime.”

He said when one thinks about what leads people to a life of crime, it really starts right in the home.

“It’s those social problems, those social issues, and until we as an island, as a country and as a people begin to address those issues in the home, those issues that cause broken men and women, young boys and young girls – we are seeing the reports – and until we really treat in a strategic and a holistic way with the social issues, I think we are just scratching the surface of our crime prevention efforts.”

He added: “I would therefore encourage this current administration and we are prepared to work with them to come up with the various strategies that we can address in treating with this crime issue.”

He recalled that the minority council tabled a motion in the assembly that deals with one aspect of crime and violence looking closely at the issue of domestic violence and child abuse.

“We are asking the executive council for us to come up with strategies and treat with both the victim and the perpetrators because we believe that you cannot address one without addressing the other. So therefore, we are ready, prepared and we would be encouraging strongly this current administration for us to come together and flesh out a strategy that can really address the root causes of crime and criminal activities.”

Crime, he said, “is one of those issues that affects all of us and therefore it is not one to play the blame game or point fingers or to play politics, but it is one that really requires all hands on deck.”


"Minority Leader: Let’s tackle root cause of crime"

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