Delighted by experience at Massy Stores

Massy Stores in Brentwood, Chaguanas, one of the supermarket chain's new branches. Photo by Roger Jacob
Massy Stores in Brentwood, Chaguanas, one of the supermarket chain's new branches. Photo by Roger Jacob

THE EDITOR: If one reads the newspapers and watches the news every day, it could be easy to despair about this country or even the world, more so since the start of covid19.

Never one to despair, my delight in this country and its people was heightened after my experience at Massy Stores, Maraval, on Saturday.

The previous day I had visited the Maraval branch, when, in execution of my covid19 handwashing protocols, I inadvertently dropped my wedding band by the sink. I spent the evening retracing my steps after doing several errands, without finding my precious wedding band.

Later that night, I telephoned the Maraval branch hoping that it had been found. I was slightly relieved to be told that the branch had closed for the night but that I could check the following day.

I did and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my gold wedding band had been found by a young janitorial supervisor and turned in to her supervisor.

My wife and I visited and met with the janitorial supervisor, Ann Marie Brooks, who had found it and immediately turned it in to her supervisor, Denecia Young.

I have lost valuables even in places of worship and was never able to retrieve them.

The politeness and integrity of the young Massy staffers in finding, retrieving and handing over my most valuable jewellery possession was impressive and lit up my entire weekend.

I gave Brooks a token of my appreciation and thanked her and Young.

I must also thank the entire management at Massy Stores, Maraval and Massy Group CEO Gervase Warner for introducing and instilling a culture in their organisation that retains staff like Brooks and Young.

It's easy to fall into the trap that puts all young people in a negative light.

Ann Marie Brooks, the quiet young janitorial supervisor, is proof that we are capable of producing young people of integrity, capable of doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


former MP and minister


"Delighted by experience at Massy Stores"

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