Inaugural Trinidad and Tobago Kickingball League begins at Macoya

The Mama La Penca team from Freeport won the opening game of the First National TT Kickingball Championship - Photo by Grevic Alvarado
The Mama La Penca team from Freeport won the opening game of the First National TT Kickingball Championship - Photo by Grevic Alvarado

EIGHT TEAMS came together on May 1, at Constantine Park in Macoya, for the launch of the first Trinidad and Tobago Women's Kickingball Championship.

Las Guerreras, Las Lobas, Las Galácticas, LatinGirls of Arima, VIP Queens, Mama La Penca, Las Gladiadoras and Las Titanes paraded through the field.

Kickingball or Kickball as it is known in some countries, involves aspects of football and baseball. The VIP Queens team first began promoting the sport in TT in early February.

The umpires Edwin Leon (left), Elier Gonzalez (center) and Pedro Castillo (right) will be in charge of applying the regulations in the First TT Women's National Kickingball Championship. - Photo by Grevic Alvarado

Several teams were formed and created the TT Kickingball League with Nolan Jones serving as its president.

Jones said, “The idea of ​​the league arises from the need that exists to share the weekend among Venezuelan friends since these are days to rest and recreate. From there, an idea was born that quickly became a proposal and in three months it became a reality. Today, we have a well-organised league and eight teams that are making history in the sport of TT.

“The goal of the league is to encourage and motivate local girls to participate and learn about this beautiful sport,” Jones said.

He explained that at the same time the championship advances, they plan to create kickingball schools throughout the national territory and that this sport can be played and practiced by a good part of the youth of TT.

“We have been working privately since we do not have resources from any institution. Each team covers its expenses, but little by little we will improve to give a better show every time we go out on the field of play and raise the name of Venezuela and let the locals see that positive things can also be done,” said Jones.

Photo by Grevic Alvarado

Each of the eight teams has a team of coaches trained in kickingball, some with experience in football or baseball, as well as physical trainers, logistics and other areas that make the championship as professional and organised as possible.

“We have a team of umpires also prepared. The teams have uniforms bought by the players themselves, they pay for their own transportation and cover all expenses on their own, that is why the support of the private company is also needed for each one of them so that they can continue promoting kickingball,” said Jones.

Championship games will be on Sundays only for now.

“We have difficulties with the (availability) of the savannahs and parks. For now, (on Sundays) will be two games for reasons of time. At this time we are only allowed to use certain spaces on Sundays after 6 pm. That slows down the championship a bit, but we will keep working to improve,” he said.

Five places are set up for this first championship: Macoya, Cunupia, Freeport, San Fernando and Nelson Mandela Park, St Clair.

“The idea is each team has its own field, that they play at home and away and they can receive the support of the residents of their cities. For that, the support of the mayors is necessary and that they grant the corresponding permits to their teams because they are teams from their localities despite being mostly Venezuelan athletes,” said Jones.

VIP Queens team - Photo by Grevic Alvarado

The opening game of the championship was a packed house. Large numbers of fans were in Constantine Park watching the ceremonial events and the first game.

The Mama La Penca team defeated VIP Queens 10 runs to 4, in a vibrant duel from start to finish.

The next day of the First National TT Kickingball Championship is scheduled for Sunday.

“We invite everyone to come to the games and spend some family time sharing and enjoying the sport,” Jones said.


"Inaugural Trinidad and Tobago Kickingball League begins at Macoya"

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