College Boy Jesse in the frontline for D'All Starz band

Jesse College Boy Jesse Stewart. File photo/Roger Jacob
Jesse College Boy Jesse Stewart. File photo/Roger Jacob

Artiste and songwriter Jesse “College Boy Jesse” Stewart is now the official frontline singer for D’All Starz Band. The band said it is looking forward to working with him for Carnival 2023.

Speaking to Newsday via phone, Stewart said the decision had been in the works since October 2021. He said he considered the invitation a blessing.

“It’s is a blessing, because now I’m being supported by the most experienced and talented musicians in soca, it’s really a blessing to have that opportunity and also to have the opportunity to present myself as a lead singer for a legendary band. I’m looking forward to new stages, it’s exciting times, and of course we have so many new projects and new music that is going to be coming soon.”

Stewart said he viewed the opportunity as not only carrying on the legacy of Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart, but all the other soca artistes who have worked with the band.

“It’s definitely carrying on not just the legacy of Blaxx but also D’All Starz Band, because the band has been responsible for developing so many great soca artistes throughout the years, the likes of Destra Garcia, Olatunji, Blaxx, and now myself in the frontline, so it’s really carrying on that legacy of D’All Starz.”

Musical director of D' All Starz Carlysle "Juiceman" Roberts said Stewart was doing a good job so far and the band was impressed with his work ethic and his work.

“We’re working on recording and coming up to Carnival, a lot of recordings are in motion right now. We’re trying to be up to the minute when it comes to Carnival 2023, and he has a lot of work in his favour already, he has a lot of work put down already, so we’re looking at it and seeing what’s the best time and everything to release. He is good.”

Roberts appealed to the public and those in the music fraternity to give Stewart time to develop.

“People want to put him in Blaxx’s shoes, they want to judge him to Blaxx and there’s nobody we could judge to Blaxx, so give him a little space, that’s what I’m asking the public for, to give him a little time. If he goes wrong, we will know but right now he’s on board, he’s doing everything right, so far, so good, give him a little space you know. He will gel, he will be what everyone wants him to be, including us, and trust me I believe in him 110 per cent.”


"College Boy Jesse in the frontline for D’All Starz band"

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