Point Fortin man confesses to killing ‘the child’

The Point Fortin police station. Photo by Lincoln Holder
The Point Fortin police station. Photo by Lincoln Holder

A man walked into the Point Fortin police station on Thursday and confessed to killing “the child.”

The man, who lives at Techier Village in Point Fortin, did not identify the child by name or gender and was still to give details of the alleged crime.

When he walked in at about 12.45 pm, he also told the police he wanted them to lock him up.

The police believe the man, who is in his 30s, is an outpatient of a psychiatric clinic. They said he was talking incoherently.

Out of an abundance of caution, they said, they immediately detained him and began investigations.

Investigators believe the child he referred to might be two-year-old Kimani “Mani” Francis of Tenth Street Extension in Techier Village.

Kimani wandered away from his home on Monday morning, leading to a massive search by the protective services, NGOs and civilians. Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr, Point Fortin mayor Saleema Thomas, councillor for Techier/Guapo Lyndon Harris and other council members also joined the search.

It ended the following day when the toddler’s body was found in the Guapo River.

An autopsy is set to be done at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James.

On Thursday afternoon the police were yet to confirm any link between the child's death and the man who "confessed."


"Point Fortin man confesses to killing ‘the child’"

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