24-year-old Guayaguayare mum chopped to death – Third woman killed in 3 days

Krishana Mohammed. -
Krishana Mohammed. -

Krishana Mohammed, a 24-year-old mother of three, was savagely chopped to death by a 40-year-old man, known to her, at her La Brea Village, Mayaro home on Wednesday.

She is the third woman to be murdered since Sunday.

On Monday, Stephanie Calbio, 34, was fatally stabbed in Carenage during a fight with a 24-year-old woman, allegedly over a man who is in prison.

Joevan Mohammed, left, and his brother Marcus Mohammed hold their mother Allyson Mohammed after her daughter Krishana Mohammed was murdered at her La Brea Village, Guayaguayare home on Wednesday. - AYANNA KINSALE

On Tuesday, Abeo Cudjoe, 31 was fatally stabbed and chopped at her home at Lachoos Road, Penal. Her son Levi Lewis, 12, was stabbed in that incident and died while undergoing treatment at hospital.

Police said Mohammed was at home when the man arrived around 10.55 am. The two had an argument. The man chopped Mohammed several times to her neck, almost severing it. She died on the scene.

The man ran away but was stopped by police officers and allegedly confessed to killing Mohammed. He was arrested and handed over to police at the Mayaro station.

Police went to Mohammed's home where they found a 12-inch cutlass.

When Newsday visited Mohammed’s relatives’ home a short distance away, her mother Allison was distraught and found it difficult to speak.

Mohammed’s 23-year-old brother Isaiah related what he was told about her killing.

Pointing to his neck, Isaiah said, "He (the suspect) hit her one chop and that was it. She fell down flat on the ground and blood started to run out."

Stephanie Calbio

Squatting beside his mother, who was sitting in a chair, Isaiah struggled to contain his emotions as he spoke about Mohammed's three-month, troubled relationship with the man.

He said Mohammed kept her problems hidden for a long time.

"Recently she came out. Like she can't take it again. She told us she's trying to end the relationship."

Isaiah told Newsday he and other family members had been threatened in the past.

"I can't lose my mother. I can't lose anybody again."

A female relative, who declined to give her name, claimed when Mohammed told them that she was being abused, it was reported to the police but nothing happened.

Abeo Cudjoe and her son Levi Lewis. -

Isaiah said Mohammed's three children – six and three years and 18 months’ old, are traumatised.

"They're asking ‘where's mummy?’"

They were taken in a car by family friends to stay at another relative's home in the village.


"24-year-old Guayaguayare mum chopped to death – Third woman killed in 3 days"

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