Prime Minister: Nation torn over Kimani's death

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The Prime Minister has said the entire nation is torn over the death of two-year-old Kimani Francis, whose body was found in a river almost a mile away from his Techier Village, Point Fortin home on Tuesday.

The child was discovered missing on Monday.

In a Facebook post, Dr Rowley said, “We all have questions to ask ourselves, not the least of which is whether this tender life could have been saved.

“The vast majority of us do not know this child or this family, but that does not insulate us from the deep disturbing sorrow that washes over our nation tonight.”

Rowley said the sad end is not what people were praying and hoping for even as the country struggles with “a constant stream” of violence – domestic and otherwise.

“I, among the many shocked and saddened citizens, extend my deepest sympathy to the family and the Point Fortin community, and trust that in times like these we commit, even more than ever, to be our brother's keeper as we extend ourselves in support as far as we are able.”


"Prime Minister: Nation torn over Kimani’s death"

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