Santa Cruz woman describes grandson's murder: 'This is a big sin'

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A Santa Cruz woman has described her grandson's murder as a "big sin," as his eight-month-old son will now have to grow up without a father.

Joseph Pierre, 33, was shot dead while liming near a parlour on Pipiol Circular Road, Santa Cruz, on Friday night.

Investigators said over 100 spent shells were found at the scene.

Newsday visited Pierre's Santa Cruz home on Monday and spoke with his grandmother Rita Apparicio, who said despite the pain of her grandson’s death, she is leaving the fate of his killers to God.

Apparicio recalled hearing the gunshots while sitting in the gallery of her house, and said she also had to run for cover.

"Where you're sitting is where I was sitting that night, around 7.30 pm, when I heard a set of gunshots. I got frightened and ran inside and closed the door.

"After a short while I saw his mother passing and I asked what happened. She said, 'Mammy, they just killed Joseph.'

"Joseph just went out the road when this happened."

Apparicio admitted her grandson sold marijuana.

"I'm not lying to tell you he used to sell a little weed and thing, so they (criminals) want the block.

"That is a sin, to kill people just so. He has a little baby who will be a year old on September 11, and now he has to grow up without a father. That is a big sin."

Apparicio said her grandson also worked as a roofer and would help others in the community.

Criminals tried to kill Pierre two months ago, she said, when they lured him out of the house, but he survived when his attacker's gun jammed.

She said despite being scolded and warned not to leave the house, he continued to lime outside after dark.

Speaking with Newsday, a nearby resident said he was shaken by Pierre's murder and referred to security-camera footage showing the shooting which was being circulated on WhatsApp.

He said the area was becoming increasingly dangerous and he had warned his own son not to return to Santa Cruz.

"He is living in the east with his wife, and I fed up told him not to come back here. It's not easy, and it's some little fellas running around causing all this trouble."

The Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II is continuing enquiries.


"Santa Cruz woman describes grandson’s murder: ‘This is a big sin’"

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