Green-band maxi fares increase

In this file photo, passengers fill this maxi taxi at City Gate in Port of Spain.
In this file photo, passengers fill this maxi taxi at City Gate in Port of Spain.

COMMUTERS must now fork out as much as $3 more when using green band maxis on two of their routes.

On Monday the price increase took effect, said president of the Route 3 Maxi-Taxi Association Vikash Kissoondath.

The routes affected are Chaguanas-Port of Spain and Chaguanas-Curepe.

The new fare from Chaguanas-Port of Spain is now $9, an increase of $2, while short drops along that route now cost $5.

The new fare from Chaguanas-Curepe (direct) is $10, an increase of 3; short drops are $5; and journeys to other stops along the route went up between $1 and $2.

Kissoondath said, “We are not terming it as a fare adjustment. It is actually a salary increase for the maxi-taxi drivers. Since 2017 and throughout the entire pandemic we did not have a price increase. Also, the last three times the fuel subsidy was removed, we also did not increase our fares.

“Our increases are fully justified because of the growing cost of living and the increasing operational cost of these vehicles.”

Route 3 has five zones. The Arima-Talparo route increased prices in April by $1 and $2 for off-route drops.

The Chaguanas-San Fernando and Port of Spain-San Fernando journeys remained at $11 and $12 respectively.

Kissoondath said the association was looking at re-revaluating the pricing structure of the remaining two zones as well as the actual routes, and would welcome stakeholder feedback.

“The public is welcome to come onto our Facebook page, which is Route 3 Unified Maxi-Taxi Association, to get their views on the logistical changes we are trying to make on the Chaguanas-San Fernando route.”


"Green-band maxi fares increase"

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