The Rage Escape: Unleashing your inner Hulk

Narissa Fraser pounds a bowl to pieces at The Rage Escape. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
Narissa Fraser pounds a bowl to pieces at The Rage Escape. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

HAVE you ever been so frustrated, stressed or angry that you wanted to channel your inner Hulk? In a regular setting, you’d have to fight the urge – but not at The Rage Escape. Here, you can destroy a wide range of items to your heart’s content, judgment free.

Alexandria Jerome-Buckmire and her husband Joshua Buckmire – both 25 – considered the idea last year and launched The Rage Escape Entertainment Hub in Cocoyea Village on April 15.

Jerome-Buckmire told Business Day it was an emotional time in their lives which led to this.

“My husband had a really close friend who was basically like his brother from the beginning of secondary school and he would have died by suicide recently (November 2021).”

Alexandria Jerome-Buckmire, co-founder of The Rage Escape. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

This led to brainstorming on a way to assist others who may be having a hard time.

While they had never used a rage room before, they saw online videos of the process and became intrigued.

“It was never something I sat and said “OMG, I can’t wait to do this. I was never that person. But when that happened, I prompted him.”

There are four main packages – Cool Down (12 small items for 20 minutes), WTF (24 small items, one medium item and one large item for 30 minutes), Take Ah Purge (24 small items, four medium items and one large item for 40 minutes) and Purge Rage (48 small items, eight medium items and two large items for one hour).

The items offered range from plates and cups to TVs, microwaves, computers, printers and AC units.

In addition, Buckmire said for birthday sessions, they’ve allowed groups to bring cakes to smash.

Customers can choose what music they wish to rage to and choose from a range of tools including sledge hammer handles, hammers and crowbars.

They’re required to sign a waiver detailing the risks being taken and must wear a protective suit, face and head shield and gloves.

Groups of up to ten people can participate in a session. And while you can’t yet bring a photo of a particular person to attach to the breakable items, the couple said they’re working on it.

Jerome-Buckmire said based on the feedback they’ve been getting, they believe this type of business was “really needed.

“The very first person I could remember, she came in with a kind of sad face and when she left, it was one of the largest smiles I’ve seen in my entire life. Her body language changed and we were mind blown and said, ‘This is it for sure.’”

They were pleasantly surprised they got customers on the first day.

“The first week or day even, you don’t get people really but to get bookings on the first day was incredible. Four people booked and showed up. From my experience in business, that’s something that’s very rare. You’d see more friends and family,” Jerome-Buckmire said.

Protective gear for customers to wear when smashing items at The Rage Escape. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

“Even right now, just the response we’ve been getting, it was needed. People really go through deeper stuff. We’ve been seeing it play out here in the rage that people have to release.”

They both said they’ve also used the rage room and Buckmire said it was a “breathtaking” experience while Jerome-Buckmire said once she starts, she feels like she can’t stop.

“I had to take a back seat and say, ‘Maybe you need to go to the beach,’” she joked.

They are considering expanding and even opening more branches, as even people from Tobago have shown interest.

The opening hours are 1-7 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 12-9 pm from Friday-Sunday.

On Mondays, there is strictly an option for private bookings and on Tuesdays, it is closed completely.

People can make appointments by calling or sending a Whatsapp message to 355-9899 or by visiting its social media pages for the online booking link. Walk-ins are also accommodated.

Buckmire said he knew people needed an outlet like this, but the response has still exceeded his expectations.

“We trying to give a lot of education about the process.

“People feel you need to have identifiable rage. You could even be happy and just want to celebrate, and this is the place to do it. People have really been gravitating towards it.”


"The Rage Escape: Unleashing your inner Hulk"

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