Up hospital stairs in wheelchair for granny

File photo: Port of Spain General Hospital.
File photo: Port of Spain General Hospital.

THE EDITOR: I have to express my disappointment with our public healthcare system.

On Tuesday I assisted my grandmother who uses a wheelchair to clinic at the Port of Spain General Hospital, only to discover that the elevator is out of service. Generally I wouldn’t think it would be a cause for concern. It is a big establishment and in my naivety I thought there would be other ways to get her to the second floor.

However, I was deeply mistaken as I was notified that there was no possible way for her to get up to the second floor in the wheelchair. I was left to my own devices and spent over an hour back and forth trying to find a way to get her to her clinic.

The task of getting granny to clinic in the first place was exasperating, to say the least, and, to be honest, I was a bit disgruntled and annoyed by the entire situation.

Better measures need to be put in place to cater for the disabled and people with limited mobility. We are living in the age of technology. Why are there no alternatives available at this hospital to make one’s life easier? There was no ramp as a backup in this an unfortunate situation, or even another elevator to use. Imagine the irony, a hospital of all places is incapable of handling an issue like this.

After some extensive searching, I found a kind-hearted individual to assist us. Eventually my grandmother had to be physically lifted up the stairs to attend her clinic. That was the only way she was getting to the second floor. Otherwise, I was told, she would have to reschedule her appointment for another time.

This situation occurred due to one broken elevator. There should be procedures in place so that we don’t lose momentum and can carry on with our daily lives. The public healthcare system is in shambles and as usual we the citizens have to pay the ultimate price.

The Government needs to prioritise matters like this and rectify them to ensure that citizens’ needs are being met. It was such a shame to experience that ordeal.

Come on TT, we must do better to be better.




"Up hospital stairs in wheelchair for granny"

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