Online banking really not easy

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THE EDITOR: Republic Bank Ltd used to have a manageable online banking system for everyone to use. Senior citizens, in which category my husband and I fall, were able to manage and had good access to our accounts.

Approximately three years ago RBL switched the entire online banking system to a new and modern procedure, and we were told this would make banking more secure. This is when our troubles started.

Last year we went to our branch and spent almost two hours with the patient customer service representative who used our modern cell phones to enter this and that, etc. From that time to now my poor elderly husband has absolutely no access to our joint account; only I have access.

If there is a problem I call the CSR but there is a waiting time of almost ten-15 minutes before a human comes on. Talk about stress! Will the “tank thinkers” of RBL come up with a lucrative system to “make it easier?”

We Trinis don’t like to rock the boat when it comes to dealing with the financial czars, but people like me want to have easy access to our accounts. Help! How to do it?


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"Online banking really not easy"

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