Man in PC Gilkes probe no longer murder suspect

PC Clarence Gilkes. Photo courtesy TTPS
PC Clarence Gilkes. Photo courtesy TTPS

A man who was wanted in relation to the shooting death of PC Clarence Gilkes is no longer considered a suspect.

Investigators confirmed the 29-year-old Diego Martin man who was originally believed to be responsible for Gilkes' death was no longer a suspect as of Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday a post-mortem report concluded Gilkes died from a single gunshot wound to the back of his head.

No details were available on what type of bullet was recovered.

Contacted for comment, attorney Criston Williams, who originally represented the suspect, distanced himself from the incident.

"My job as a lawyer is to defend the suspect. If you are no longer a suspect, you don't need my protection,

"You can choose to assist or not assist the TTPS. That is up to him, and if he is still fearful – because we all know what can happen to a witness – there are legal provisions that may be put in place.

"But that's not my call. He is no longer my client at this stage and I no longer represent him."

Up to Wednesday morning the man remained at large.


"Man in PC Gilkes probe no longer murder suspect"

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