4 conductors lead 'Joy Cometh in the Morning' concert

(L-R) Conductors Joshua Joseph, Shaquille Rose, Anton Williams, and Kadesh Clouden. Photo by Owen James Photography. -
(L-R) Conductors Joshua Joseph, Shaquille Rose, Anton Williams, and Kadesh Clouden. Photo by Owen James Photography. -

On May 1, four young conductors will come together to give patrons an invigorating experience of voices and steelpan.

Presented by MW Productions, the concert Joy Cometh in the Morning is a musical commemoration of how TT has persevered throughout the pandemic. And its title is based on Psalm 30:5; “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

It takes place from 6 pm to 8 pm at Church of the Assumption, Long Circular, Maraval.

Kory Mendez during a performance in 2017. He is the co-founder of MW Productions. -

Kory Mendez, singer, producer and co-founder of MW Productions told Sunday Newsday it will be the first live production and second show for the newly incorporated company. The first was a virtual concert, Hold On: The Story of Resilience in November 2021.

"One of the developmental pillars of MW Productions is Youth Development and this year as we celebrate our theme for 2022, which is Building Our Community, we are proud in featuring four young and emerging conductors all under the ages of 30 at our first in-person concert.”

Although none have previously conducted a live choir, Joshua Joseph, 25; Shaquille Rose, 28; co-founder of MW Productions Anton Williams, 24; and Kadesh Clouden, 23, all have some experience conducting through courses or in their various steelpan ensembles.

“It’s going to be a new and interesting experience for them and for the choir because they are accustomed working with steel. It will also offer a different experience to the patrons as we are taking pieces and putting it against the texture of steel pan.”

The concert Joy Cometh in the Morning takes place at the Church of the Assumption, Maraval. -

Mendez explained that the concert will have two sections with the theme of the first being Songs of Sorrow.

“As we’re coming out of Easter, this section is to reflect on the moments of Jesus Christ leading into his crucifixion. It also pays tribute to thew lives lost because of covid19. The second part is The Songs of Joy which highlights the resurrection of Christ with fanfare and jubilation.”

There will be a selection of classical music, gospel, negro spirituals, and musical theatre performed by a line-up of vocalists accompanied by keyboard, steel pan and percussion.

MW, which was incorporated in 2021, is a performing arts company with the aim of providing a space for creative professionals and the inexperienced to hone their talent as well as to preserve and transform performance culture in TT so they could one day take that talent to the world stage.

Kory Mendez, singer, producer and co-founder of MW Productions. - Photo courtesy MW Productions

The company is not only geared to singers and conductors but stage managers, technicians, lighting designers and others.

“I know TT has a lot to offer but sometimes there is no vehicle to push people forward. You don’t have to be musically inclined. Once you have something you’re willing to offer and showcase in TT, come through and we will make space. This is what we are here to do.”

Williams attended the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he gained an artist diploma in music performance in 2020.

He recalled that, at the end of that year he had to do a recital but the country was in lockdown. Had to come up with a way to do the recital so it could be graded before he graduated so he did it online.

Many people assisted, including The Lydian Singers, and the result was outstanding.

“We thought, this was an awesome project. If all these people came together for this one purpose, to create a platform for my recital, what else can we do? How can we give back to TT?”

So Mendez and Williams decided to create a company, MW Productions to do just that.


"4 conductors lead ‘Joy Cometh in the Morning’ concert"

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