Ex-Diego Martin Central MP Joseph Laquis dies

Former People’s National Movement (PNM) MP Joseph Laquis died at his home in Mayaro on April 21.

Laquis, a doctor, served as MP for the Diego Martin Central constituency from 1981-1986.

A statement from the PNM’s public relations officer Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing on April 21 said, “Laquis robustly advocated on behalf of his constituents on every occasion, and was instrumental in the development of Powder Magazine Phase 1.

"As a medical doctor, he offered his services to his constituents who were in need. His spirit of service would not be quelled, and together with Messrs John Rahael, Wendell Mottley and Morris Marshall (dec), he established a free roving medical clinic. This was highly subscribed to and became a hallmark of his legacy.”

After he left representational politics, he served as chairman of the PNM Diego Martin Central executive.

The statement said, “The PNM deeply mourns his passing. Our sincerest condolences are extended to his family, to his friends and to all who loved and cherished him. Thank you, good and faithful servant. Your work here is done. May you rest in God’s eternal peace.”


"Ex-Diego Martin Central MP Joseph Laquis dies"

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