Brother of slain taxi driver: 'He was confident this wouldn't happen to him'

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis

The older brother of murdered taxi driver Mark Lewis, Anthony Lewis, said his brother believed he was protected by God and this would not happen to him.

Speaking to the media at the Forensics Science Centre, St James, Lewis said his younger brother worked hard to provide for his family.

Asked if Mark had been warned about the dangers of the job, he said, "People talk to him about that, but he always had the confidence that this wouldn't happen to him under the watchful eyes of the Lord."

Lewis, of Upper Calvary Branch Road, Arima, was shot dead on Saturday after picking up three men who tried to hijack his car on the Bypass Road. Police said there was a struggle which led to the 42-year-old's death and the killers escaped.

Mark Lewis was the father of three daughters, twin 17-year-olds and a 21-year-old.

His brother said he was hardworking and devoted to his family and his killers "take away a good soul."

He added, "I hope they ask for forgiveness and change their life."


"Brother of slain taxi driver: ‘He was confident this wouldn’t happen to him’"

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