Woman among four murders, in Caroni, Arima and San Fernando

Acting CoP McDonald Jacob speaks during a function at the Police Academy on April 14. - Jeff K. Mayers
Acting CoP McDonald Jacob speaks during a function at the Police Academy on April 14. - Jeff K. Mayers

Police are investigating a double murder in Caroni, the killing of a watchman at his job site in San Fernando, and the shooting death of a taxi-driver in Arima on Saturday.

In the first incident, initial reports said two masked armed men pounced on Renwick Quesnell, also known as "Freak" and a woman at their Azeez Lane, Kelly Village home shortly after 820 pm on Friday.

The attackers had tied up another occupant of the house while they waited on the couple to return home. Police said the attackers were armed with a gun and a cutlass.

Police did not release the identity of the woman nor say if the victims were shot or chopped to death.

On Saturday morning, workers found Sean Darsoo dead on the compound of Water and Oil Well Services Ltd on Marryat Street, San Fernando. Darsoo lived at Fairfield, Princes Town.

When Newsday visited the company's premises, two employees declined to comment about the murder. "We are dealing with a lot, It's a lot to process," one worker said.

Some of his neighbours were surprised to learn that he was dead. One man said, "He was a cool fellow. Always friendly." Another man said the victim was married and had two daughters. "He was trying to make ends meet."

And shortly after noon on Saturday, Mark Lewis, of Upper Calvary Branch Road, Arima was hijacked by three men and shot dead when he resisted. He crashed his car along the By Pass Road and the killers escaped.

Between Thursday and Friday, four more people were murdered, including soldier Junior Chase in San Fernando.

Acting CoP McDonald Jacob Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob commenting on those killings said the police will continue to perform the public must also play a role in reducing violence by changing their attitudes towards problem-solving.

On Thursday night three men identified as Sean Francis, 47, Junior Rivers, 45 and Josiah Maloney, 19 were murdered in three unrelated incidents in Lalaja, Peytonville, Arima and Demerara Road, Arima, respectively.

Jacob said the police were prepared to tackle criminals through various operations and exercises but stressed that the public should also get involved in crime prevention by finding more productive means of solving problems.

"My quest for the people is to move away from this idea that the only way to solve problems is through violence.

"The police will continue pumping but the public must also do their part in working against these seeds that have been sown into society that violence is the solution.

"We are dealing with the gang situation and the police are working. We won't be daunted by those offshoot murders and we are working."

He added that one of the main priorities of the police has been in removing illegal guns from the street and said the police have had some success in this strategy as 30 guns have been seized in the last ten days.


"Woman among four murders, in Caroni, Arima and San Fernando"

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