Venezuelans’ work permits extended to December 31

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Venezuelans who registered to live and work in Trinidad and Tobago have been granted an extension of their registration status to December 31.

The Ministry of National Security, in a news release on Friday, said the new work permits are for those who submitted their applications to renew between March 8, 2021 to April 9, 2021.

During the initial registration process of Venezuelans in June 2019, 16,523 applicants participated, but only 13,500 participated in the 2021 re-registration.

Those who will be granted the new registration cards are to be contacted by immigration officials for an appointment to be interviewed.

The ministry told those who still have pending issues or who have not yet received any response regarding their applications, to contact the Immigration Division Office where they submitted their applications for the renewal before April 29.

The authorised Immigration Division offices are: 135 Henry Street, Port of Spain; 2 Knox Street, San Fernando; and Port Authority administration building, Scarborough, Tobago.

Anyone who does not present at the offices by the deadline will have their cards revoked.

Venezuelans whose phone numbers and/or addresses were changed, are asked to send an email to

In the email they must include a copy / photo of their registration card, their full name, date of birth, an updated telephone number, and an updated address.

“The Immigration Division would not be able to advise participants as to the status of their applications without correct and up-to-date contact information,” the ministry said.

Venezuelans whose applications have been approved will have their cards updated with a sticker that shows the new expiration of December 31.

The Immigration Division explained that the new cards will be delivered to people who reported loss, theft or the mutilation of the card, and there will be a $500 fee for the replacement of the card.

“Participants and employers are reminded that the immigration registration card is not a form of identification and should be used together with the nationality identification document issued by the Venezuelan authorities. These documents are the passport, the cedula and the identity certificate,” the ministry said.

Anyone seeking additional information should contact the Immigration Division by sending an email to


"Venezuelans’ work permits extended to December 31"

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