Abianka Alexander Dick sets sweet treats on 'blessed towers'

Abianka Alexander Dick in a wedding setting. -
Abianka Alexander Dick in a wedding setting. -

Is there truly a way to make the edible incredible?

Well, if you ask Abianka Alexander Dick, she'll say “Absolutely!”

Alexander Dick, also known as Abby, is the owner and founder of Tours Benies Rental Services, specialising in rentals of tower displays for desserts, cake stands and other accessories designed to help showcase sweet treats.

Tours Benies is French for “blessed towers.”

Abianka Alexander Dick, founder of Tours Benies Rental Services. -

“This is how I always saw my pieces…blessings to my clients when any of our rentals are in use.”

In 2016 Alexander Dick was a fresh new face on the entrepreneurial scene. Back then she didn't have a clue about running a business but had a vision, the drive and the willingness to serve. She said she quickly realised if her business was going to succeed, she needed help. She hired a business coach to help her navigate the business world, but her biggest challenge was balancing her business duties with the demands of her day job as an occupational health nurse.

“My work schedule was flexible but doing both was challenging. Thankfully I had great family support.”

A display of sweet treats done by Tours Benies Rental Services. -

After years of working at it, Tours Benies Rental Services has become a recognised name in the event and wedding industry, expanding its services to include event hosting and emcee services. Alexander Dick said her business wasn’t just about the products or services she offered, but the entire experience.

But in March 2020, when covid19 hit and the entire events and entertainment industry took a huge hit, her business was not spared.

“Everything flat lined for the rest of 2020, as I barely had the motivation to do anything.”

But while the entrepreneur became reclusive, the occupational health nurse was in demand.

“I dealt with covid19 in an unhealthy way. Personally, I had to cope with the unceremonious closure of our borders that resulted in the separation of my husband and me. The kids were also severely affected by his absence and started ‘acting out.’ My job had unthinkable and continuously elevating levels of stress. Here, I saw both Tours Benies and myself crashing and burning.”

She said at that point she began seeking professional help to deal with the throes of depression. But she didn’t want her business to fail and she knew something had to change.

In 2021, when the industry slowly began regaining its footing, many companies began hosting small and business started to pick up for her. She sought the assistance of a team to help keep Tours Benies relevant and visible – a strategy that paid off. That, coupled with the fact that after almost two years apart, her husband eventually returned home which put her in a much better frame of mind to put Tours Benies back in the game.

“I needed to re-establish my presence, I knew that the girl who loved making people happy, needed to heal and get back in the game asap.”

She credits her success to understanding the need to simply ask for help, continuous prayers and trusting God for everything.

A wedding cake display by Tours Benies Rental Services. -

Her advice to other women entrepreneurs who may be struggling is “to find your passion, learn as much as you can, evolve with the times as trials are food for your faith, be of great service to your clients and have fun! Success for me in Tours Bénies has simply become that.”

For more information on Tours Benies and its services visit https://toursbenies.com/ or follow on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok @toursbenies


"Abianka Alexander Dick sets sweet treats on ‘blessed towers’"

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