Trinidad meets Haiti on Kes’ Liki Tiki

Kees Diffenthaller -
Kees Diffenthaller -

Port of Spain meets Port-au-Prince on the dance floor as Kes The Band, Haitian-born producer, Michael Brun and singer, JPerry released a new song entitled Liki Tiki.

The sultry track is co-written and co-produced by Trinidad-based producer, Neel “Dwala” Dhorajiwala and was officially released via California-based Ineffable Records, said a media release.

The new song blends up a stew of Caribbean music genres, most notably soca and kompa, with Trini patois and Kreyòl lyrics mashed together.

“Liki Tiki is the way I describe our calypso-style rhythms and feel,” says Kes frontman, Kees Dieffenthaller. “It’s the driving force behind the swing in our music. It’s smooth, sexy and makes you feel good.”

In recent years, both Kes and Brun have emerged as leaders in championing Caribbean music globally: Kes with soca and calypso and Brun with Haitian music genres such as kompa and rara. It seemed only natural for the two to join forces and to merge their islands’ sounds, along with influences from the broader African diaspora, the release said.

“From the moment I was able to link up with Kees, it was clear he cared so much about Trinidadian and Caribbean culture; unifying the Caribbean and creating a strong bond between us artistes and what we’re doing,” said Brun. “Kes has the same mission as JPerry and myself: Kes is an artist bringing soca to the world and JPerry is bringing Haitian music to the world. The balance feels fresh and rooted.”

Liki Tiki is the second single of 2022 from Kes, following January’s female-friendly Jolene. Both tracks are set to appear on the band’s upcoming album.

Liki Tiki is their first collaboration with Brun, who has earned global acclaim over the last decade for his unique fusion of traditional Haitian sounds like rara and kompa with electronic dance music and pop.

To celebrate the release of Liki Tiki – and Caribbean music culture at large – Kes launched a series of IG Live conversations with Brun and JPerry.


"Trinidad meets Haiti on Kes’ Liki Tiki"

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