Sisters who lost parents to covid19 talk to Newsday

"They were our best friends."

Three sisters who lost their parents to covid19 share their story with Newsday's Rhianna McKenzie.

Sisters Sindy Balroop-Rasool, Asha Sally Beharry and Diann Beharry share their story after losing both their parents, Chanrawti Balroop and Tickman Balroop, to covid19 within six days of each other in May 2021.

“We didn’t know what to do. This is the three of us looking at the absolute worst experience of our lives.

"Nobody was coming around. They were afraid. People didn’t know what to expect, I guess,” said Asha.

She said her father found out about his wife’s death while in the Siparia health facility.

Asha said although family could not physically be there to support them, they were still able to help in funeral arrangements.

“My message would be, to people who think that covid19 is not real or serious, until something like this happens to you, you will never know,” she said. "Our entire world changed in seconds. I wish we could have done more.”

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"Sisters who lost parents to covid19 talk to Newsday"

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