Joshua Regrello hosts last lap concert

Pannist Joshua Regrello will host a
Pannist Joshua Regrello will host a "last-lap" concert on March1 at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, with some top artistes sharing the stage with him. - Angelo Marcelle

Pannist Joshua Regrello will host a "last lap" on March 1 with his debut full-length concert titled De Pan Man at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando.

Sharing the stage with Regrello, who recently released his first album, De Pan Man, is an A-list of artistes including, Johann Chuckaree, Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, D Piano Girl, Voice, Sekon Sta, Erphaan Alves, Preedy, Nailah Blackman, College Boy Jesse, Yung Bredda, Mical Teja, Sackie, Aaron Duncan and Kris Kennedy.

Soca chutney, pan, calypso, mas, and some other surprises are included in the package.

“Guests can expect a little of everything. I will be focusing on the soca because it is Carnival, but there will be a chutney soca aspect, African music, everything," Regrello told Newsday.

“For many people this will be their last lap because the next day is Ash Wednesday. I am the metaphorical truck on the road, although we will not be taking it outside because I don’t want any run-ins with the police.”

The show begins at 8 pm with non-stop jamming until 11 pm – no intermissions but coolers will be allowed and a bar will be available.

There will be a pre-show featuring a DJ shoot-out between some of the top names such as DJ Gio and Aaron Fingal, Selectah Kerry and Poison Sounds, DJ Elon "Papi," Major Penny and Travis World.

“It’s a real cultural showcase with some of the people I have been performing alongside with.”

His dream concert has been a couple years in the making as covid19 kayoed plans to host it in 2020 and 2021 in celebration for his birthday in August.

Regrello said the timing is right and he intends to share the covers he has been performing as well as his own, original music.

“The show will be tight because of the number of artistes involved so there will be no intermission.”

Both sides of the Bowl can accommodate about 600 social-distancing patrons. Regrello emphasised it is a safe zone and patrons are asked to walk with their vaccination cards and ID for entry.

He said there will be a lot of giveaways from sponsors, including a complimentary piece of chicken on entry.

Tickets are $200 and $250.


"Joshua Regrello hosts last lap concert"

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