Impressed by the writing of Kernahan

THE EDITOR: I grew up from a very early age on Murray Street in Woodbrook in the 1940s and 1950s. They were happy years, and our neighbours, the Kernahans, had an only son, Rolph. We were about the same age and we spent many memorable hours together.

I did not know any other Kernahans. Therefore, many years later reading your newspaper and seeing an article written by Paolo Kernahan I was drawn to it. Maybe it was because I recalled my early teenage years and the fun times I spent with Rolph. However, the fact is that first article impressed me to such an extent, and I was so moved by it, that to this day I look forward to every Thursday morning to read what Paolo Kernahan has written. I have never had any regrets.

He has an excellent style and ability to articulate and communicate his thoughts and opinions, both positive and negative. Hopefully, he will continue and many will take the time to read what he writes.




"Impressed by the writing of Kernahan"

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