Pan Trinbago president: My team and I have done nothing illegal

Police speak to panmen who met locked gates at the PanTrinbago head office on Duke Street in Port of Spain on Monday. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI -
Police speak to panmen who met locked gates at the PanTrinbago head office on Duke Street in Port of Spain on Monday. PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI -

PAN TRINBAGO president Beverly Ramsey-Moore says she and her executive have done nothing wrong or illegal as she expressed alarm at protest action taken by members and band leaders on Monday outside of the organisation's Duke Street, Port of Spain head office.

About 20 pan players and band leaders gathered outside the office after they the gates chained and locked.

Ramsey-Moore condemned the action taken by the protesting panmen. She said, "I and my executive have done nothing illegal. This is a new Pan Trinbago that stands for accountability and transparency."

On Monday, former president Keith Byer declared, "The current president and her executive of Pan Trinbago are holding the organisation hostage and is operating illegally."

Byer said elections ought to have been called since October. He said, "Article 10 is continuously being ignored by the sitting executive.

"Article 10, subsection two says, all officers of the association shall be elected triennially and shall hold office for a term of three years from the date of election.'" Ramsey Moore was elected in October of 2018. The election has not been held because of the ongoing pandemic.

Byer said the group on Monday intended to enter the office to send a clear message of their dissatisfaction with the executive.

Police attempted to mitigate between demonstrators and staff but the group was not allowed to enter the compound.

Alphion Byron said, "After working at Pan Trinbago for 14 years, when the current president came into office I and 11 other members of staff were sent home."

Byron said he is yet to receive his severance or five months salary outstanding since April. He said although he opted to take the matter to the union, many of his colleagues did not and are still waiting on information about when or if they will be paid.

Zina Moore said she worked at the association for 40 years. She worked under eight presidents and is still waiting for her severance and outstanding salary.

Pan Trinbago president Beverley Ramsey-Moore. FILE PHOTO

She said "After dedicating so much of me to this association it is hurtful to have to be waiting and not even getting the courtesy of a conversation or an update."

Former president Keith Diaz said, "The constitution is written on paper, but it is the people and the bands that put it into effect and today, we are not seeing that being upheld.

"During my presidency, I never locked up the gate on anybody. I came out and talked with people. Simply because pan people have a right and these are the same people she is making comments about."

He said the pan movement is not for small or large bands but rather for all bands and players in TT.

Speaking with The Newsday on Wednesday, Ramsey-Moore said she knew nothing about any legal action being filed against her or her executive.

She said, "In accordance with the constitution, the election cannot be held without a convention. "70 per cent of the membership endorsed a document agreeing to postpone the election until it is safe to do so."

Asked about how she feels about having the election, she said, "I am committed to having both the election and convention as soon as it is safe to do so. I am confident in my support for the election."


"Pan Trinbago president: My team and I have done nothing illegal"

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