Four held in $8m Trincity drug bust

Jiancheng Jiang charged with possession of 12.7 kg of Ketaimine.  - Photo courtesy TTPS
Jiancheng Jiang charged with possession of 12.7 kg of Ketaimine. - Photo courtesy TTPS

Police arrested four Chinese nationals after seizing over $33,000 and an estimated $8m in medical drugs used to induce anaesthesia in animals at the upscale residential district of Millennium Park, Trincity last Wednesday.

A release said Jaicheng Jiang, 26, was charged with possession of 12.7 kg of Ketamine and an Arima magistrate on Friday granted and order to seize the cash found at the house, which included TT$33, 775, $865 Yen, and TT$53 cotton notes.

Ketamine is a medication primarily used for induction and maintenance of anaesthesia. It induces dissociative anesthesia, a trance-like state providing pain relief, sedation, and amnesia.

The three other Chinese nationals, two men and a woman, were handed over to the Immigration Division, as they are in the country illegally, police said.

The police operation was done by the Central Intelligence Bureau and the Special Intelligence Unit.

Vials of Ketamine which were reportedly seized by police during a drug bust in Trincity. - Photo courtesy TTPS

Police claimed during a search of the premises at Olympia Drive, they found and seized 201 glass vials,, along with 76 zip lock packets each containing a white crystal-like substance believed to be Ketamine.

In an unrelated case, Customs and Excise officers seized a loaded pistol and an undisclosed quantity of marijuana in a shipping barrel at a Piarco bond on Friday and arrested a US national who arrived from Miami after a quantity of marijuana was found in his luggage.


"Four held in $8m Trincity drug bust"

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