Mystery shrouds disappearance of actress, singer found dead in Tobago

FOUND DEAD: Performing artiste Vanna Girod, 30, who was found dead on a beach in Arnos Vale, Tobago on Wednesday morning, a day after she was reported missing by her family. 
FOUND DEAD: Performing artiste Vanna Girod, 30, who was found dead on a beach in Arnos Vale, Tobago on Wednesday morning, a day after she was reported missing by her family. PHOTO COURTESY TTPS

Less than 24 hours after relatives reported her missing, the body of Vanna Girod was discovered floating in waters off the coast of Arnos Vale, Tobago, early on Wednesday.

Girod, 30, of Butu Road, Valsayn south, Trinidad, was said to have been staying at her aunt’s villa in Arnos Vale with other relatives, including her father and brother.

Relatives told police Girod went for a walk early on Tuesday but they became worried when she did not return to the villa.

Family members immediately searched the area to no avail. They later filed a missing persons report at the Shirvan Road Police Station.

Several of Girod’s relatives and friends took to social media, expressing concern about her whereabouts. One friend quoted another who had posted:

“My friend Vanna Vee was at her aunt’s villa at Arnos Vale and has gone missing… Her brother and dad have been looking for her all day without any success. I came over to assist in the search for her.

“Please, if any of you hear anything or knows anyone who may have heard from her please let me know immediately. We are hoping she went and stayed with someone. Please keep her in your prayers.”

A grief-stricken relative of Vanna Girod sits on the ground in Arnos Vale, Tobago, while police investigators check the area after Girod's body was found on Wednesday.
- David Reid

Nicole said at the time she left the villa, Girod was dressed in a pair of long pants and a sweater.

She added the clothes were found folded neatly on a trail north-east from the villa.

On Wednesday morning, a party of police, led by Supt Rohdill Kirk, were searching the area when they received a call about a body that had been spotted floating in waters off Arnos Vale.

Residents used a fishing boat to retrieve the body and brought it to the shore. Family members later identified the body as that of Girod.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, Kirk said, “This morning (Wednesday), we conducted a search in the Arnos Vale area. We were out from about 9 am but got a call around 10.30am.

“A few persons were willing to assist so they took a fishing vessel and went out in the waters and just about 300 metres offshore, they saw a body floating. It was not confirmed until the body was brought ashore and relatives identified it as that of the missing person.”

Distraught relatives did not speak to reporters.

The district medical officer arrived on the scene shortly after 2 pm and viewed the body. It was then taken to the mortuary of the Scarborough General Hospital.

Kirk said an autopsy will be done on the body to determine cause of death. He said there were some abrasions on her skin “but for persons found in the sea, that is something not unusual.

“But an autopsy is to be done to give us a confirmed cause of death.”

Kirk declined to reveal certain information about Girod which the family members shared with police.

“There are some details that I wouldn’t go into for obvious reasons. But from what we are told, she went for a walk yesterday morning.”

Police at the scene in Arnos Vale on Wednesday after the body of Trnidadian Vanna Girod was found floating in the waters not far from a villa where she was staying. - David Reid

Newsday understands that Girod's grandmother died last week.

Officers of the Shirvan Road Police Station and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Tobago, are making inquiries.

Commenting on Girod’s death at the post-Executive Council news conference, THA Secretary of Community Development, Youth Development and Sport Terance Baynes said he was saddened by the news.

“I guess in Tobago because of how small of a society we are, the impact is much greater than in some places,” he told reporters.

Baynes offered condolences to Girod’s family.

“One can only imagine what they may be going through. This is a young life that has been snuffed out again. We don’t know all of the circumstances. But every death is a concern and when persons who seem to be just vacationing in Tobago lose their lives, I am sure that impacts negatively on us one way or the other.”

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"Mystery shrouds disappearance of actress, singer found dead in Tobago"

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