From pandemic to endemic

THE EDITOR: The UK is removing many of its covid19 management policies as it moves to have its population learn to live with covid19.

I interpret this to be the government deciding the time is right to consider covid19 endemic in the UK and thus, in its leaders’ minds, that the pandemic is over.

I have no problem with this as I believe covid19 is here to stay and the world needs to accept this fact.

The issue for me is that acceptance could lead to mental relaxation and carelessness in terms of how we interact with one another, especially in public.

People no longer talk about malaria or yellow fever as being things to worry about since they are endemic in some countries. But that does not mean these diseases do not claim hundeds of thousands of lives every year.

My fear is that in our rush to term covid19 as endemic and thus no longer worthy of the precautions and restrictions that have been part and parcel of our lives for two years now, we will invariably invite this virus to spread and mutate exponentially to the ultimate detriment of mankind.

Make no mistake, whether it is deemed a pandemic or endemic, covid19 is still a major killer. It deserves our fear, awe and respect.

Being considered endemic does not mean we all drop our guard and try to live our lives in the pre-covid19 manner.

Covid19 is here to stay. If we survive and learn to live with it is ultimately not up to coronavirus, it is up to us.

I intend to continue wearing my mask in public, avoiding crowds and washing hands for the foreseeable future. Better to be cautious and alive than careless and in hospital – and then six feet under.


San Fernando


"From pandemic to endemic"

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