Concern about job WI coach?

West Indies coach Phil Simmons
West Indies coach Phil Simmons

THE EDITOR: Should West Indies senior cricket coach Phil Simmons be somewhat concerned about his job? I agree cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties.

The WI recently lost to Ireland 2-1 after victory in the first of three T20s. Under the watch of Simmons the WI failed to defend its title at the 2021 T20 World Cup. To add insult to injury and throw salt in his wounds, Pakistan beat us 3-0 in the T20 series at home.

Does Simmons have the best players at his disposal? Or are these players only playing for the almighty dollar? The highest bidder, so to speak. Money talks loudly.

I believe Simmons might not have the best players to select from. However, the buck stops with him. Team success is his responsibility.

Is the WI being defeated by superior teams at present? Can our team improve? If so, how? Should a foreign coach be considered?

Winning is not everything. It is the only thing.


Princes Town


"Concern about job WI coach?"

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