'A great thing for sports': Eve relieved at greenlight to return to play

TT head coach Angus Eve  - TTFA
TT head coach Angus Eve - TTFA

TRINIDAD AND Tobago men's and Under-20 football teams coach Angus Eve was a relieved man after Sunday's announcement by the Ministry of Sport and Community Development of its safe-zone return-to-play proposal.

On Saturday, during a Zoom media conference, Eve bemoaned the lack of league football in TT, since March 2020, owing to the covid19 pandemic.

"It's a great thing for sports," said Eve, during an interview on Tuesday. "In my humble opinion, it's a little bit too long in happening, but you know how God works, everything happens in the time it supposed to happen.

"I'm very happy for all of the young sportsmen and sportswomen at least having the opportunity to come out and ply their pastime, their passion and, in some cases, their trade."

In a report in Tuesday's Newsday, Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) president Merere Gonzales said he is eager for the premier schools sporting competition to resume, once all covid and safety measures are observed.

Asked if he would be consulting or liaising with the various leagues, Eve replied, "If solicited, I'm happy to help, because we're all pushing towards one common goal. All of these leagues have very competent people running (them)."

The former TT men's team captain and midfielder continued, "All they have to add to what they really know is the covid protocol. The national teams, both male and female, have been observing those protocols for a while now. We have a fair idea of the type of protocol that is needed to have the training be successful and safe at the same time."

Eve mentioned the lack of match fitness with the players he dealt with during recent TT Under-20 team screening sessions.

When leagues resume, should the first aim be to get the players' fitness level back up to par?

The TT coach responded, "Of course they should get some semblance of fitness. Any good pre-season is six weeks.

"What I've seen is a lot of the kids, because of their enthusiasm and the support from their parents, have been actually training on their own," he added. "Where (they) would be lacking would be the match fitness and preparation.

"The match fitness will come when they actually start to play games and be a part of practice matches.

"It's a fantastic thing for all parties involved."


"‘A great thing for sports’: Eve relieved at greenlight to return to play"

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