High-voltage cable slows repair to Beetham sewer

WORKERS fixing the Beetham sewer have encountered a high-voltage electric cable which has to be moved by TTEC before work can continue.

WASA said in a statement on Sunday, "Work on the final phase of the Beetham sewer pipeline project continues to progress, as WASA has been able to complete the installation of two manholes and is commencing work on the third.

"However, an unforeseen complication has developed, as a TTEC underground high-voltage cable lies in the path between manholes #1 and #2, slowing the installation of sewer pipeline between the two manholes.

Consequently, a team from TTEC has joined the authority’s workers at the site in order to excavate and secure the high-powered cable to allow for the safe installation of the pipeline." WASA said this development is expected to defer completion of works by up to one week.

Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales visited the site on Saturday where he was updated on the project by WASA’s acting CEO Sherland Sheppard and TTEC engineers.

The statement said he lauded the collaboration between the two utilities on the project, but expressed concern about the delay and encouraged both teams to work to finish as soon as possible.

WASA said while pipeline installation in the area of the electric cable has slowed, the project continues to progress with the installation of the third and final manhole.

"This will be followed by the reconnection of two sewer lateral connections; interconnection of the new pipeline system; and finally remedial and restoration works, inclusive of permanent road restoration."

A lateral connection joins the plumbing of a home or business place to WASA's main sewer line in the area.

"The authority assures residents that every effort is being made to minimise the expected delay caused by the latest development as it is working towards completing works as close as possible to the scheduled January 31 timeline."


"High-voltage cable slows repair to Beetham sewer"

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