Abilene Wildcats' overseas fans mourn Lendore's passing

Deon Lendore -
Deon Lendore -

ABILENE WILDCATS’ global fraternity have sent sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of the club’s late track star Deon Lendore, who died in an accident in Texas on January 10.

The group of over 35 foreign-based members issued a recent statement highlighting Lendore’s lengthy list of 400-metre and 4x400m achievements, as well as expressing their commiserations to his grieving family.

“On behalf of the Abilene Wildcats international diaspora, we extend our deepest sorrow, sympathy and condolences to the family of ‘we boy’ Deon Lendore on his passing, in particular our blessings go out to his mom Christina Edmund.

“Not only was Deon a track athlete, he was an associate narrator and a member of Abilene Wildcats documentary committee panel, engaged in conducting Zoom interviews for an upcoming book on the history of the club.”

The statement added, “Deon’s passing was a shock to us all and like the athletics world we are going to miss his presence, performances and interactions. Farewell man! You will be on our minds and in our hearts.

“Abilene Forever, Praestare et Prestare (Persevere and Excel). We are confident the Arima community joins us with our expressed sympathies. Arima forever.”

Among those foreign-based fans of the Abilene fraternity are Mervyn Lewis, Lennox Yearwood, Albert King, Ainsley Armstrong, Andrew Bruce, Selwyn Griffith, Herbert Griffith, Stanley Griffith, Leroy Durant, Willie Hazzard, Roland Hazzard, Wayne ‘Fenton’ Martinez, Judy Gray, Kelvin C James, Anstey Hinkson and Michael Simmons.

Other members of the group include Henrietta Nancis, Andrea Taylor, Sandra Founellier, Bridgett Solomon, Joanne Solomon, Garth Solomon, Michael Hinkson, Franklin ‘Copper’ Cumberbatch, David Jacques, Cecil ‘Jelly-Bun’ Mitchell, Kelvin ‘Batan’ Joseph, Carl Bernard, Sherman Kelly, Israel Nesbitt, Hayden Stephen, Carmichael Williams, Wendy Solomon, Esther Liverpool, Marc Bailey and Addison John.


"Abilene Wildcats' overseas fans mourn Lendore's passing"

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