Planning Minister names Green Fund, CDA, EMA boards

PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis with new members of the CDA Board -
PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis with new members of the CDA Board -

PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis on Thursday named new boards for the Green Fund, Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) and Environmental Management Authority (EMA). Members received their instruments of appointment at separate brief ceremonies at the Planning Ministry’s head office in Port of Spain.

"In addition to thanking the members of the three boards for their acceptance to serve the nation, the minister sent a reminder that their roles are as crucial now as they have ever been, especially as Trinidad and Tobago works towards life through and post-covid19.

PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis with new members of the EMA Board -

"The Minister encouraged all of the new boards to be catalysts for national inspiration, facilitating national entrepreneurialism, environmental stewardship and increased national pride, especially at this time when citizens need greater opportunities and hope."

Robinson-Regis reminded the members that the National Development Strategy: Vision 2030 and the Road to Recovery Policy were the overarching policy documents guiding the work of Government and by extension all state agencies.

She said the role of the three boards involved the development goal of "Placing the environment at the centre of social and economic development."

Robinson-Regis said effective environmental management would support the health and well-being of TT, be it citizen health and safety, economic stability, conservation and preservation of the natural and built heritage. As a result TT's natural and human resources will prosper, and by extension the citizenry.

The members of the Green Fund Advisory Committee are Camille Mohan-Cayenne (chair), Steve Jordan, Carlton Roberts, Maurissa Pierre, Kelli Danglad, Joel Roper, Michele Davis, Eula Rogers and Jeremy Ramroop.

Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis with members of the new Green Fund Advisory Committee. -

The CDA Board is Narine Lutchmedial (chair), Juliet Roberts-Antoine, Annabelle Sooklal, Robert Cezair, Wendy Inniss-Demas, Denise Williams Dummett, Matthew Joseph, Raees Patel and Dr Ancil Kirk.

The EMA Board is Nadra Nathai-Gyan (chair), John Julien, Vyash Nandlal, Garth Ottley, Dr Roshan Parasram (who is TT's Chief Medical Officer), Gordon Paul, Althea Thompson, Jacqueline Wilson, Judy Daniel and Andrew Castor. Five board members were also named as trustees of the EMA's Environmental Trust Fund. These are Nathai-Gyan (chair), Nandlal, Wilson, Ottley and Daniel. Nathai-Gyan said most EMA Board members were reappointed for a fourth term straight.


"Planning Minister names Green Fund, CDA, EMA boards"

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