No stickers, so I'm on a sticky wicket

THE EDITOR: I had my motor vehicle inspected, as required by law.

The date of inspection was March 1, 2021.

After the process I was informed my unit had no defects but there were no windscreen stickers available to confirm this.

Today is January 20, 2022.

Still no stickers available.

Why does everything in Trinidad and Tobago have to be a scandal and a bacchanal?

A simple thing like a sticker and we cannot get it right?

When I am stopped on Abercromby Street the whole of TT knows how compassionate and understanding these officers can be.

Stop shirking your responsibily, Mr Minister.

If I am using the WC and someone spills oil in the Atlantic Ocean, the responsibility is mine, full stop.

The buck stops here and now.

Get it right here and now.

We need to reduce waste and inefficiency in government.

TT cannot become First World people with Third World minds.


Princes Town


"No stickers, so I'm on a sticky wicket"

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