Evangelical pastors: Rowley's vaccination strategy evil

Dr Keith Rowley - File photo/Sureash Cholai
Dr Keith Rowley - File photo/Sureash Cholai

Pastors and other religious leaders of the non-governmental organisation TT Response have called on the Prime Minister to cease his “barbaric” and “abominable” approach to getting public sector workers to become vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.

Pastor Lennox Grant and other members of TT Response, hosted a media conference on Thursday at which he and other presenters criticised the government for, what they described as, its unscientific covid19 response.

Grant said, “TT Response abhors and very strongly condemns the latest statements and threats by the Prime Minister to terminate public sector workers who refuse to be vaccinated. The Prime Minister's threats are abominable because it is intended to cause fear and to crush the will of, and grievously afflict, public sector workers.

“This latest proposed action is barbaric and amongst medical tyranny and would, if carried out, result in severe economic hardships to workers and their families,” he said, adding that increased cases and deaths will follow.”

Preceding Grant, another pastor Michael McDowell accused the government of “not following the science,” in its public vaccination drive.

“We would like to have removed every insinuation of mandatory vaccines whether (in the) private or public sector,” McDowell said, adding that the non-vaccinated are being discriminated against.

“We would like to state that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can transmit this disease equally. Let both sides of the story be told.

“Dr Rowley and the medics and the medical authorities in TT, the health authorities, say they are following the science. Actually, they are following the dictates and mandates of the WHO and the international health regulators,” whom he said are “out of sync with real science.

“If it cannot be discussed, it is not science; it is propaganda. Science can be discussed.”

Declaring as fact, McDowell added, “Higher vaccination percentages are directly proportional to higher death and infection rates.

“Africa, the entire continent is six per cent vaccinated, and people want to know what going on with Africa. ‘Them Africans have some kind of Zulu gene or something?’ But, no, the fact is that Africa has only been six per cent vaccinated because the leaders have the testicular fortitude to say no to the WHO.

“And because of that, they have the lowest infection rates and death rates in the world. That’s a fact. So, Mr Prime Minister, Mr Health Minister, the solution you are offering us is the problem.”


"Evangelical pastors: Rowley’s vaccination strategy evil"

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