Consumers pay more for Kiss bread

Kiss white milk bread is now $14. - LINCOLN HOLDER
Kiss white milk bread is now $14. - LINCOLN HOLDER

In its second increase in less than a year, the prices on some Kiss breads have risen between 50 cents to $1.50. Consumers will now pay $15 for a Kiss wholewheat sandwich loaf, up from $13.75 – an increase of $1.25. White milk bread is $14, also increasing by $1.25 from $12.75. Whole grain costs $17, up $1.50 from $15.50.

Kiss  implemented the changes on January 10, after the decisions by major suppliers, state-owned National Flour Mills (NFM) and Nutrimix to raise flour prices.

In a statement in December, Kiss Baking Co Ltd said it would increase retail prices on some bread products by an average of nine per cent, noting, “Flour represents a core ingredient in the manufacturing of bread.

About four months ago, in September the company raised some bread prices, citing a 30 per cent increase in raw materials and increases on other operational expenses.


Other popular bakeries such as Linda’s Bakery and Chee Mooke have said their prices remain unchanged for now.

Owner of Linda’s Bakery Peter George told Newsday via Whatsapp, “We are going to decide within the next seven days. As of now prices remain the same.”

Human resource manager at Chee Mooke Bakery Nathalie Phillips said current prices will remain for another two-four months.

Phillips said, “We cannot react to every single price increase that happens daily. We are anticipating other price increases in other raw materials soon and just cannot be reactive to the price increase of flour. The last increase (in September) should be able to hold off for a while.”

NFM brands Hibiscus increased by ten per cent and Ibis by 17 per cent. The wholesale prices of its other flour brands were increased between 15 and 22 per cent, and the company suggested a 19 per cent increase on retail prices. Those changes came into effect on January 3.

Nutrimix raised the prices on its two-kilogramme and ten-kilogramme all-purpose flour by eight per cent and 14 per cent respectively, and all other retail items found in supermarkets, mini-marts and parlours increased by eight-20 per cent, depending on the product.

The flour companies said increasing global wheat prices and shipping, packaging, distribution and other vital inputs were the reasons for the move.


"Consumers pay more for Kiss bread"

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