Covid19 vaccinations even slower in Tobago

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Covid19 vaccinations have slowed down even further at vaccination sites in Tobago.

When Newsday visited the Port Mall in Scarborough, there was a handful of people waiting for their shot, while few others were seen trickling in.

An official described the turnout as “slow,” but the consensus among those gathered was that the service was “exceptional” and the health team conducted themselves “competently.”

Newsday spoke to Irma James, who was waiting for her first shot. She said she had made up her mind and was finally ready.

“Covid19 isn’t playing. I kept saying that I wasn’t ready, but when I keep on seeing people I know dying of this virus, I was prompted.

"In the same breath, I have been encouraging others to be vaccinated.”

James said she is hypertensive, “and based on my own research and experience, I believe that people who are diabetics and hypertensive should be vaccinated.”

Another woman who was there for a booster said: “It went well. Great service.

"I’m disappointed more people did not turn up as everybody has a chance to get vaccinated. The most I can do is encourage people to get vaccinated.”

Another woman who was there for her first shot said she saw the effects that the virus had on a friend of hers.

The Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection on Wednesday reported 26 new covid19 cases which took the active total to 1,064. There are 31 patients currently hospitalised – 26 unvaccinated, four fully vaxxed and one partially vaccinated. Deaths remained at 222.


"Covid19 vaccinations even slower in Tobago"

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