Two more omicron covid19 cases found in Tobago

The covid19 virus as seen under a high-powered microscope. AP Photo -
The covid19 virus as seen under a high-powered microscope. AP Photo -

Tobago has recorded two additional confirmed cases of the omicron covid19 variant, increasing the island’s total to three.

In a statement on Wednesday, the THA Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection said confirmation of the second and third omicron cases were received on January and 18 and 19 respectively via gene sequencing at the Faculty of Medical Sciences Laboratory, UWI.

It said details on the third case will be shared in a subsequent release.

The division said the second case is a national and an unvaccinated minor, who recently returned to Tobago from the US, transiting through Trinidad. The individual provided a negative PCR test, which was taken 72 hours before arrival in Trinidad.

It said as per existing quarantine protocols for unvaccinated minors returning from travel, the individual was allowed to quarantine at home, pending the results of another PCR test three-five days after arrival.

The sample was collected on January 5 and returned positive two days after. As a result, the entire family was placed in home quarantine. The individual is well and remains in home quarantine.

The division quoted Dr. Tiffany Hoyte, acting County Medical Officer of Health, as saying: “We have ongoing community spread. With that in mind, everyone is encouraged to follow the public health protocols rigorously and get the additional layer of protection by getting vaccinated.

"The public is reminded that although vaccines do not eliminate the possibility of being infected, they do reduce the risk of becoming infected and they absolutely reduce the severity of the disease if one is infected.”


"Two more omicron covid19 cases found in Tobago"

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